Exterior Painting Raleigh and Cary NC

JH Paint has found over the years that customers are interesting in not only who we are but what we do and what might be included having to do with having their property painted.

Occasionally, we offer specials. That is something that has been very popular with our customers.  We consistently offer one service to our complete exterior and trim only painting customers and that is exterior window and gutter cleaning included in their bid at no additional cost…


Before any exterior home or building project can begin, the property must be treated with a solution to destroy mold, mildew, and dirt.  Then the property must be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry. Thorough cleaning insures proper bonding of  all materials – caulk, putty, and paint that will be used  in the preparatory  and painting phases of the project.


The exterior surface of a home or building is scraped if materials are loose and flaking, sanded if needed,  joints are caulked as needed.  Recessed areas are puttied to  bring that area flush with the exterior of the siding so as to resist  moisture permeation.


Many older homes have  glazed windows.  If they are properly maintained they should last as long as the house.  Careful attention to removing deteriorating glazing compound and replacing that material with an updated glazing putty can keep your house draft-free. JH Paint has many years of experience in reglazing  customers’  windows.


JH Paint employs their own carpentry crew to take care of any wood deterioration on the house or building. Expert detail is paid to all facets of this early part of any project.

Materials used in all areas of replacement are non deteriorating if at all possible…The carpentry information will  follow.


James Hardie boards are one of the materials of choice. Hardie products are natural, non-toxic, renewable materials with durable features that resist flame spread, damage from wet, humid climates as well as cold climates, and insect infestation..

Another material of choice that we use is MiraTec.  MiraTec is a non deteriorating composite which resists deterioration and insect infestation much the same way Hardie materials perform.

Lastly, for window sills, brick molds, and drip caps, we use vinyl products. Our goal is to offer as much protection to your exterior as possible.


JH Paint sprays and brushes exteriors in Raleigh and Cary NC. 98% of  customers today in our area choose to have their siding sprayed for several  reasons–approximately one and a half times the material goes on the house when sprayed as opposed to brushed. In spraying, the thicker the paint solution the easier to apply with the sprayer. We never dilute paint as it would be non productive to do so. The second advantage to a sprayed house is the mirrored finish with no brush strokes. If the customer wishes to have his siding brushed, we will do so but color changes will require more coats as the amount of material on the property is less than with  one sprayed  coat. A third advantage to spraying the siding is the savings. With spraying,  your investment is in paint and less labor….Brushing is a labor intensive process and therefore, a more expensive undertaking.. We do, however, brush all of the trim on the house..


We use a number of manufacturer’s paints but the most requested in Raleigh NC area are the Sherwin Williams paints. The Sherwin Williams products have a high degree of mildew retardant and  UV protectent  in their paints and those are two of the  very important reasons for using these paints.  We use an acrylic or resin based paint on the siding but do recommend a resin based  paint warranted against cracking or peeling for the trim.  The brushed areas need that extra element of protection..


All  of the exterior work  done for painting is done for the stained house with the exception of the product used but a stained home can look beautiful for a very long time…The key is picking a good stain. .We rely on a consumer testing agency for current information on the choice of quality stains…For solid as well as semi transparent stains, currently, Behr tops the list with their wood stains.


These areas  must be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry well before applying a stain.. Keep in mind that your newly installed, treated wood deck requires some time to cure before applying a product to the surface. During the warmer months –a month might be enough time but in other times of the year–three or so months is better or even wait until the next warm season…On an older deck with dirt, graying from the sun, mildew or stains a good Sodium Percarbonate wood cleaner (oxygen bleach wood cleaner) is a great choice for this phase of the project. This cleaner is highly effective and will not damage landscaping. In the case of deep stains, a stain stripper may be necessary…or even a palm sander if the other products don’t do the job..

Wood brighteners may be applied next to open up the surface of the wood to improve penetration. They are easy to apply.  Simply, sprayed on, wait a short while, and rinse off.. There are a lot of benefits to this step in the process.

There are a number of excellent stains out there. Semi transparent stains will beautifully display the grain of your wood.  Solid stains, if that is your desired product, will leave a painted, solid finish on your deck. The advantage of either product is that they both have a color and sealant in the stain. The key is to choose a stain that has been scrutinized by a reporting agency that has tested the products. Top finishes are very important to the longevity of your deck or fence.

Lastly, now and then, it is  good idea to wash down the surface to keep dirt and leaves from damaging the finish.



First and foremost, it is important that the selected contractor successfully complete each preparation step….It is very important to test the surface by throwing a little water in several areas to see if it is absorbed…IF it isn’t then curing agents or sealers may be blocking the entry of stains and need to be removed along with grease, oil, paint drops, etc…The concrete must be cleaned with solvents or stripping agents, possibly even some sanding…

The final preparation involves opening up the surface for stain penetration  using a buffer for sanding. The results of this sanding can actually add a pleasing effect to the final appearance by  accentuating high and low areas on the surface.. Then, the next step involves washing the surface with water and detergent using a buffing machine and lastly, vacuuming the residue with a wet vacuum.

The stain application can be applied and often is with a sprayer and then a scrubbing  technique to allow proper penetration in the surface.  Stains can also be applied with a paint brush and will penetrate well using this technique…Careful attention is paid to protecting surrounding areas as this stain is virtually impossible to remove from walls and other surrounding areas such as steps. Many customers in Cary and Raleigh may choose to  add interesting colors to their project by adding second and third coats.

Lastly, a surface sealer should be applied for exterior applications with products in mind that will allow moisture in the slab to escape.  Certain acrylic solvents work well or the customer might choose the more expensive urethane sealers  which  provide the most abrasive resistant finish… There are other considerations when using the urethane sealers which may offset their positive features.  Concrete staining is very attractive but the homeowner must take in to consideration the costs involved – very expensive for Raleigh area.