Interior Painting in Raleigh NC & Cary NC


We have been in business for a number of years, so we have the knowledge to make sure your interior painting project is done on time and on budget. We offer free estimates for Raleigh NC and Cary NC area, we are not always the lowest painting estimate but our track record shows we are the best.

Who does the work
All areas of painting are carried out by JH Paint personnel. We do not sub contract out our work. It is very difficult to maintain control over any project if areas are assigned to other individuals. We are an owner operated/ supervised company in Cary North Carolina.


Many times, a section of drywall may have been damaged or in need of complete replacement. We can do that prior to the painting process…

Having a problem selecting the right color for your room or rooms? We are here to help. Over the years, we have used a number of paint brands and colors and can assist you with your selections as well as advise you on sheen choices.

Many of our customers have inquired as to the sheen for their walls as well as trim…
Wall sheens vary from flat which is a no luster finish to EgShel which has a slight sheen and is often the choice of families with young children as it is easier to clean but does not touch up well. Another choice might be Satin which is quite “shiny” and attractive as well and cleans well. For the trim, semi gloss and gloss are the sheens most customers select as they are both a nice addition to show case an attractive wall.

Prior to any painting project, is the protection of all the room’s contents which can include covering furniture, relocating furniture, as well as removal of pictures from walls and clothing from closets.

To properly paint an interior room takes professional skill. .Preparation prior to the paint application is key to the overall success of the final project.. Wall blemishes such as cracks, holes, stains should be repaired prior to the paint application. Next the painting process which is usually a two step process especially if the colors are changing. Color changes will usually require multiple coats. The trim should be re caulked at the joints as well as areas adjacent to the walls. Sanding may be required if the trim has not been repainted in a number of years.. Generally, priming is not necessary unless the trim requires extensive sanding or stripping of the existing finish.

The interior painting is done with brushes and rollers if the property is occupied. On occasion the walls and ceilings may be sprayed if flooring is to be replaced.


Interested in an interior update idea for your home? How about whitewashing your fireplace. Lighten that dark brick for a “brand new look”. This is how we do it: Protect areas surrounding the fireplace, clean the brick, mix a solution of white paint and water (one part paint to three parts water – if you want more coverage then, paint and water can be adjusted), brushing small areas at a time followed by going over that area with a clean cloth to work it in to the brick and mortar until the entire brick is covered, give the brick and mortar time to dry, and then seal in the brick with a water or oil based varnish.
This last step is important to protect your brick and hearth from accidental spills which could be absorbed. Then just stand back and enjoy your new look. ( Next you might consider painting a dark mantle white to go with your new “fireplace look”.)

Another update idea – Tired of that dated blown ceiling (popcorn ceiling) look? We can take care of that. Perhaps a smooth ceiling update is for you.

Want to get rid of that outdated wall papered look? Did you know that many well adhered wall papers can be prepped and painted over quite successfully.

How about an accent wall? A couple of ideas – a totally different colored glossy or satin wall or a bolder change such as a heavily textured accent wall…. a creative design perhaps.


The interior of a commercial building requires much the same preparation as residential interiors. Areas to be painted must be meticulously prepared which may include sanding, cleaning, caulking, as well as priming. We use high quality premium paints which are selected for their durability. We will work with the customer to assist in color selections as well as matching existing colors. Prior to the painting process, work stations must be properly protected or in some cases moved. Your commercial site will be done efficiently, on time, and left as clean as when we arrived.