JH Paint has found over the years that customers are interesting in not only who we are but what we do and what might be included having to do with having their property painted.

House-RaleighIt is very important, in our view, to select a company who does their own work, supervises the process, and offers a warranty. We only use our own employees to do our work and that includes the carpentry work as well. We offer a three year warranty on the work we do. We only exclude the deck area from the warranty but guarantee that the work will be done to your satisfaction before we leave the property.

Our complete (siding and trim) exterior painting includes all painted siding and trim.  The trim includes the shutters, doors, garage door/s, trim around windows, porch rails, spindles, and columns/porch posts. If there are questions about colors, we will assist the customer in their selections if requested.

Our exterior painting begins with power washing using a sodium hypochlorite solution to remove mold, dirt, and debris. After the areas dry, then we caulk any cracks and joints needing this treatment as well as puttying recessed nail holes to prevent water permeation which hastens siding deterioration, Then, we scrape, sand, and prime areas of the house which may be peeling. If carpentry is needed, this is often done while work is going on in other areas.  Next is the painting process. Approximately 99% of the houses we paint are sprayed and trim brushed. The advantage of spraying the siding is that you get a more complete coverage of all areas with approximately one and a half times the paint of  a brushed siding. In addition, there are no brush strokes,just a nice mirrored finish. In addition,  a spraying the siding bid will save the customer money.  We will  brush the siding if that is the customer’s instruction.

Occasionally, we offer specials. That is something that has been very popular with our customers.  We consistently offer one service to our complete exterior and trim only painting customers and that is exterior window and gutter cleaning included in their bid at no additional cost.

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