Is it about time now to paint the exterior of your home? Painting is one of the most expensive pains to owning a home. Most homeowners try to at least paint on a rotation of at least 6-8 years. This is one of the blessings that a home owner will have to endure.

Here are a few helpful hints to help you with the process:


You need to determine if any prep work is needed to be done prior to painting. Are there any rotted siding, window sills, hand railing, or window and door sills that need to be fixed or replaced? Be sure this opportunity to correct this prior to painting. Make sure you take this opportunity to correct this issue prior to painting. Most often paint companies have experience in this field and can provide a quote that includes replacing your siding and trim. If your project involves replacing a significant amount of siding you may want to call a siding pro. Make sure the contractor/painter/carpenter replacing your siding is using the same style and size you currently have.


Now is the time to decide if you want to change the color of your house. Updating the color can add new zest to your house. Make sure that when you pick a new color that it fits into your neighborhood as well as colors that already exist. Check with the neighborhood’s homeowner association to make sure that the color you have chosen will be allowed to be used. You have an established home base, so you have a roof with colored shingles, plants of multiple colors, landscaping, a foundation and a driveway present. There are many colors that need to be taken into consideration when trying to compliment your house and surroundings. Also note that if you are changing your house’s color your price for painting will go up. You may not be able to get away with just 1 or 2 coats to cover your old color. Each coat will cost more money.

The next decision is to determine if you want your house hand brushed or sprayed. If you let the painting company decide they will most likely have it sprayed because it is faster and easier. Now if you have an older home with wood siding, or it has been a while since it was painted, you may want to consider having it painted by hand. So the quote you might ask for may be one that includes hand painting. The hand painted application will provide a thicker coat and get the paint deeper into the wood and crevasses, ensuring that you have protection from water penetration. You do realize that hand brushing is more time consuming and will cost more money.

Selecting the paint company to do the exterior work is the next step. There are a lot of different prices for different type of jobs; the biggest jobs will cost you more money. Shop around for the right company to do the job you want done. Do not always pick the company you want on price alone. You should consider the quality of the company and your comfort level with that company.

For instance, does the company want their money upfront? (You should give no more than one third of the total price) Do they leave a professional detailed estimate? (It should be expected.) Can you reach the company on the phone easily? (They should be answering the phone or at least returning messages routinely) Do they have business cards? (If they are running a good business, they should have them.) These are all the signs to look for to determine whether or not you are working with a professional and someone that will easy to work with.

Good Luck On Your Paint Project!!

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